-My Story-

Jacki Kuehne best hair stylist in Hudson, OH salon

I get it. You are a busy person! (Aren’t we all these days?) So you need a polished, but no-hassle look that fits your lifestyle in a sophisticated, yet relaxed environment.

That’s what I hope to deliver to you every time you are in my chair. Actually, I’ve been working on this experience for quite some time!


As a child, I always loved hair.  I was that friend who did everyone’s special occasion hair for school dances.

Even in the fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist.  In fact, that year I did not go to Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day with my own mom.  I went with my hair stylist!

As I got older, I began to listen to others’ good intentions and advice on what I should do for a living.  As crazy as it sounds, I went to college for two years for Physics.

Yes! You can’t make that up. I thought astro physics research sounded fun in high school, so why not go to college for it?

In the end, I knew my lifelong passion for hair would never leave my heart, so I decided to go to school for what really brought me joy.

As I began working on hair in school, it just felt natural.  After earning my license, I moved into a thirteen-month apprenticeship before getting my own chair. I was happy and confident because my clients were excited about their looks, pleased with how I cared for them, and thankful that they were heard.

With renewed assurance that I was finally on the right path—my path—I dove into my career and never looked back. Thirteen years later, I have the same enthusiasm for my clients as I did as a child. It’s a wonderful thing to do what you love because it never feels like work!


I know you need flexible, direct scheduling and easy access to me, which is why I am happy to personally book your appointment via text and with extended hours. I will always provide honest feedback about your hair and ideas so you have a professional opinion guiding your personal style. A comfortable, unpretentious environment will always welcome you so you can relax and unwind from your hectic schedule without feeling like you have to get a makeover to confidently step into my salon. My relationship with my clients is always my highest priority.


Ultimately, my mission is to make people feel and look as beautiful as they truly are.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to do that for you.